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The Milgram Re-enactment (2002)

Graeme Edler as the Experimenter in the Milgram Re-enactment

Graeme Edler as the Experimenter in the Milgram Re-enactment

This project is dedicated to my friend and collaborator; actor Graeme Edler. Graeme died unexpectedly on February 10th 2004.

Graeme both took on the hugely complex role of the scientist / Milgram figure in the re-enactment, and assisted me in working with the other actors.

This project and the Waco re-enactment brings to a close a series of three re-enactment pieces that Graeme and I collaborated on together from 1999-2004. Graeme's immense experience of acting and directing has had a huge impact on my work. I hope that in his absence this will continue.

Graeme's belief that acting could be a powerful social force, that reliving and recreating moments of our shared existence (whether contemporary or historical) could be a useful method of collective and self reflection, has pushed my projects further than I could have ever imagined.

Graeme is survived by his wife Roli and daughters Celeste and Joni-Lulu.

Go well Graeme, I wished that you could have seen how far and wide your work has been seen.


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Video clip (6:23 mins)

Dedication to Graeme Edler

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