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Recent Selected Talks/Panel Discussions


ICA London - 3 October Friday Salon: On Abstract Language. A presentation with Matthew Fuller - a screening of Closed Circuit and reading from Evil Media, followed by a discussion about systems, language and grey media.
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Lecture on Performance, Dramaturgy and Normalcy at the The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, 4 April

Performance, Dramaturgy and Feedback research seminar at Sussex University 12 March

History Repeating - A Screening and discussion of six contemporary artists films at the Cube Cinema 5 Feb Katie Davis, Rod Dickinson, Mikhail Karikis, Ruth Maclennan, Monika Oechsler, and Uriel Orlow. Followed by a discussion lead by Arnolfini film curator, Al Cameron


Presentation at Weld contemporary performance space, 14 December, Stockholm on the subject of Global Capital, Post-Medial Art, investigating the relation between contemporary art forms, mainly installation and performance art, and the development of capitalism towards an increasingly de-regulated market. Hosted and curated by researcher Josefine Wikstrom


Presentation at Art.ficial Emotion at the Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo 31 June conference exploring the borders of art and technology, hosted by curator Fernando Olivia

In Discussion with Tom McCarthy at Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh 28 September in conjunction with the The City and The City exhibition.


Monuments and Forgetting at the Royal Academy London: A presentation / paper with Architectural historian Christine Stevenson and architect Ian Ritchie RA exploring the function of monuments, both historically and in contemporary society, and consider the ways they control – and deflect – different types of memory. Chaired by Ines Weizman. On 21 February 2011.

A talk and participatory performance of Guy Debord’s The Game of War on the 9 February at the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Bath University with Dr Daniel Hinchcliffe (chair), Dr Richard Barbrook, University of Westminster and author, Ilze Black, Queen Mary University, London and artist Alex Veness, University of the Arts, London

An introduction to and workshop on Game Theory and its link with the Cybernetic moment of the 1940s at the Showroom on 16 January 2011 An Invitation to a Zero Sum afternoon: Deadlock, Chicken, Stag Hunt and the Prisoner's Dilemma, as part of the Signal:Noise event.


Presentation with Dan Dixon on Sunday November 28th at Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival 2010

The Known Unknowns: Artists Rod Dickinson, Richard Grayson & Charlie Tweed discuss their individual practices and their shared concerns around language, narrative and power, in particular their interest in power manifested as pervasive, self-policing social control on Saturday 20 November, at Spike Island, Bristol
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A discussion and screening of two of my projects with Bruno Latour at the Pompidou Centre, Paris on the 23rd of June. The session was titled 'The Theatre of Proof' and was part of a series of sessions 'Selon Bruno Latour' that included Donna Haraway and Olafur Eliasson. The series took up the themes of Eloquence and Demonstration to explore their role within art, science and politics and to re-assess the notion of political art.
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Formal respondent and panel discussion to the exhibition and screening of 'Night Time Room' by Ronnie Close at Picture This, Bristol, 10 March.
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Presentation at a workshop on Experimental Subjects on 14 - 15th January, part of a year long research project into Experimentality at Lancaster University
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Presentation and panel discussion at The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Tel Aviv in a conference on 'Simulation, Experiment and Re-enactment as Reality Shaping Tools' on 25th November 2009
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'In conversation' with Omer Fast at the South London Gallery, London on 7 October 2009.

Exhibition and the premiere of the film 'The Game of War' by the Class wargames collective (of which I am a member) and public performance of the re-staging of philosopher Guy Debord’s ‘The Game of War’ at http Gallery, London, on 26th and 27th September 2009.

Public performance of the re-staging of philosopher Guy Debord’s ‘The Game of War’ at Plan 9 art space, Bristol as part of their ‘Summer of Dissent’, on 25th July 2009.

Presentation at ‘Bad Games’ colloquium at the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol on 18th July 2009.

Presentation at Arts Catalyst Conference ‘The Eye of The Storm’ at Tate Britian, London 19th June 2009

Presentation at a seminar on Rethinking Archives at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol on 4th March 2009

Presentation and screening with film maker Michael Uwemedimo and writer Steve Rushton around ideas of performance, re-enactment and feedback. Titled ‘Experimental Repetitions: The Art of Re-enactment’ at BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht on 13th November 2008.

Public performance of the re-staging of philosopher Guy Debord’s ‘The Game of War’ at the Pumphouse Gallery, London as part of ’The Institute of Psychoplasmics’ exhibition on 26th April 2008

Presentation at Storey Gallery, Lancaster on 20th February 2008, as part of their ‘Talks on Art’ series.

Selection and presentation of film and video screening programme at Site Gallery, Sheffield. Talk / introduction to the screening programme on 17th February (audience of aprox 30)

Discussion and presentation with writer Tom Mcarthy, film maker Michael Uwemedimo, titled ‘Experimental Repetitions’ at The British Film Institute, London as part of the ‘After the Fact; Re-enactments’ season of talks and screenings. 19th April 2007 (audience of aprox 40)

Presentation and discussion with curator Vivienne Gaskin at ‘Now (and Again) Re-enactment and the moving image’, A conference in conjunction with Roehampton University and The British Film Institute, London, 27th April 2007 (audience of aprox 100)

Public tour of my installations in the Dortmund Kunstverein, Dortmund, Germany, 9th June 2007 (audience of aprox 40)

Participation of a seminar focused on Art and Science at BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht including a group of philosophers, theoreticians and artists, Utrecht, Netherlands 29th June 2007 (participating group of aprox 12)

A seminar with an invited group of artists and lawyers to explore issues of interdisciplinary practice ‘Art and Law’, Kings College Cambridge University, Cambridge - oct 20 /21 2007 (participating group of aprox 25)

A public ‘In conversation’ with US artist Joe Delappe about his current art practice at the Star and Shadow, an artist run cinema in Newcastle, 24th October 2007 (audience of aprox 100)

Public performance of the restaging of philosopher Guy Debord’s ‘The Game of War’ as part of the London Games Fringe festival at 01zero-one, London, 23 October 2007 audience of aprox 30)

Lecture in the “Science and Society’ about the role of science in my art practice to the European Molecular Biology Research Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, 30th November 2007 (audience of aprox 50)