Rod Dickinson is a visual artist and Programme leader for BA(Hons) Creative Media Design, at the University of West England in Bristol

his performative and media based artworks explore the way in which we interact with media feedback systems, in order to critique their impact on individual and collective behaviour. Often the artworks utilise methods of reconstruction, and restaging, focusing on historical moments or events that have clear and instructive parallels with the present.

Current Exhibitions:
2016 - Outlier Detection At Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, UK January 2016 - January 2017.

2016 - The Air Loom At Bethlem Museum of the Mind, London, UK September 2016 - September 2017.

Outlier Detection (2016)

3D model, Video stream and live data: A 3D model of a Victorian police truncheon, that is animated by a stream of live data. Outlier Detection monitors and measures the frequency with which UK legislation is made in real time.

The Air Loom (2002)

Sculpture and audio guide:
A large sculpture (and audio guide) that is based on a series of delusions of a famous bedlam patient dating from 1810. The patient, James Tilly Matthews, believed that the imaginary machine was a 'mind control device'.