Selected Reviews

A-N Magazine, Review of "Who, What, Where, When, Why and How", Laura Allsop, March 2011
pdf | read online

Afterall journal, "Pretexts: The Evidence of the Event", Andrew Stefan Weiner, 26 Spring 2011
READ pdf, An essay exploring the event with Harun Farocki and Ian Charlesworth

e-flux journal, "Some Experiments in Art and Politics", Bruno Latour, Journal #23 March 2011
read online, review of "Signal: Noise" at the Showroom, Pete Gomes, 24 February 2011
read online

Time Out London, Helen Sumpter, 9-15 December 2010 p56

Red Pepper, "The construction of (un)reality", James O'Nions, September 2010
READ pdf, A review of Greenwich Degree Zero at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Exit Express (Spanish Art Journal), ”Historia del control”, Alexandra MacGilp, #52 May 2010, p44-45

Artvehicle, Interview, February 2010

Culture Wars, ‘Their Fault‘, Review of Scapegoat Society by Mark Carrigan, 14 January 2010

‘Art, le present - La creation plasticienne au tournant du XXIe siecle‘, Paul Ardenne, December 2009, Editions du Regard, ISBN: 978-2-84105-227-1, p368, p369, p377, p447-8

Art review, ‘The Institute of Psychoplasmics”, Review by Alasdair Hopwood, June 2008

Frieze, ‘History Will Repeat Itself: Strategies of Re-Enactment in Contemporary Art’, Review by Alice Planel, January 2008

Art Monthly, History will repeat itself - February 2008 / No 313, Grayson R

Art Papers, (US Jourrnal), RETRO/NECRO: From Beyond the Grave of the Politics of Re-Enactment, November 2007, Pil and Galia Kollectiv

Art review, ‘History Will Repeat Itself: Strategies of Re-Enactment in Contemporary Art’, Review by Luke Heighton, February 2008

Kunstforum international [0177-3674] History will repeat itself: year:2007 issue:188 page:409 -411

Time Out, Helen Sumpter, Back to the Future, March 14-20 2007

Art Monthly, October 2006, Adam E Mendelsohn, Be Here Now, pp13-16 (feature)

Fillip Review, Offensive Art, Susanna Haddon, Issue No4, Fall 2006 (Canadian Art Journal)

New Left Review, SUSPENSE AND . . . SURPRISE, Sven Lutticken, 40, July-August 2006

The South London Press, June 30th 2006, Gavan D, pp6-7

The Guardian Review, March 4th 2006, NW, p15

The Independent, The Information, 18-24th February 2006, Editorial, p12

Modern Painters, May 2006, Ward O, p117

Frieze, May 2006, Issue 99, O’Reilly S, p175

Art Monthly, April 2006, Kenning D, pp31 -32

The Vancouver Sun (Vancouver broadsheet), 15 Dec 2005, Visual Arts review By Clint Burnham (3/4 page with 2 images)

The Straight (Vancouver broadsheet), 8 Dec 2005, Visual Arts review by Vanessa Kwan

The Guardian, G2 P6, Sept !6th, , 2004

The Guardian, reviews, P20, Sept 18th 2004

De Morgen (Belgian paper), Reviews, P38, 25 Sept 2004 (half page with two pictures)

a-n magazine, Iliyana Nedkova, Locative Networking, June 2004

The Age, (Melbourne Broadsheet), 1 May 2004 (quarter page and picture on page 2 of the arts section)

BA (Norwegian paper), Ann Kristin Odegard 5 March 2004 (full page with picture)

Bergens Tidende BA (Norwegian paper), Turid Kjetland 5 March 2004 (half page with picture)

Trouw, (Dutch Broadsheet) Interview, Page 2, 8 January 2004 (half page with picture)

Metro, No Pain, no gain, Fisun Guner, 16 Feb 2004

NRC Handelsblad/ Kunst page 8 “Metropolis M: nieuwe vorm, bredere blik”. Dutch Broadsheet

Metropolis M. 2003, ‘rights and responsibilities’s’ by Steve Rushton number 4. p136-143 (sept 2003)

Frieze magazine, Neil Mullholland, Review of ‘All You Need To Know’, March 2003

Matters, Paul Usherwood, Review/Profile, Spring 2003

Art Monthly, Paul Usherwood, Review of ‘All You Need To Know’, Dec 2002 - Jan 2003

Mute Magazine, Neil Mulholland, The Milgram Reenactment, issue 24, June 2002

Everything Magazine, Agantic States, Steve Rushton, issue 4.1, June 2002

The Observer, Sean O’Hagan, ‘It’s Simply Shocking’, 10 Feb, 2002

The Guardian Guide, ‘The Tenth Level’, 23 Feb - 1 March 2002

The Guardian G2 Arts, Elisabeth Mahoney, ‘If you think this looks boring’, 21 Feb 2002

The Sunday Times, Elisabeth Mahoney, ‘The Shock is in the answer’, 10 Feb 2002

The Big Issue, James Devlin, ‘Just Following Orders’, 21-27 Feb 2002

The Herald, Moira Jeffries, ‘A Shock to the System’, 15 Feb 2002

The Scotsman, Susan mansfield, ‘Master of Mind Games’, 12Feb 2002

The Herald, Ruth Wishart, ‘Ordinary People Commit Extraordinary’, Evil acts’ 31 Jan 2002

Art monthly, Michael Gibbs, (on Low-fi net art collective), November 2001

The Independent, Robert Hanks, The Promised Land, review, 1 June 2000

Evening Standard, Going Out-Tonight Only, 26 May 2000

Metro, Art The Promised Land, Claire Alltree, 25 may 2000

The Independent, Midsummer night’s suicide, Dominic Cavendish, May 2000

The Guardian, News in Brief: Suicide pact reenacted, 15 May 2000

The Sunday Times, Arts Group To Replay Massacre in Park, Richard Brooks and Emily Millich, 14 May 2000

LOG Illustrated, Interview with Tessa Laird, Wheat Dreams, No 10, New Zealand, 2000

Everything magazine, Steve Rushton, Post-Media:Howard Slater and Matthew Fuller, 3:2 March 2000

Everything magazine, Steve Rushton, Always Elsewhere, 3:2 March 2000

Frankfurter Neue Presse, 6 Sept 19999

Frankfurter Rundschau, Michael Bayer, Frankfurt Broadsheet, 15 sept 1999

Journal Frankfurt, Silke Hohmann, Germany No20/99 17 - 30 Sept 1999

The Daily Mail, Sam Taylor, Saturday 7 August 1999

Time Out, Sarah Kent, From Memory, 21-28 July 1999

Fortean Times, Rob Irving, Art and Artifice, May 1999 No122

Oxford Art Journal, John Roberts, Trickster, April 1999

Everything magazine, Steve rushton, Similiar Situations, 2:4 March 1999

Modern Painters, Matthew Collings, Diary, magazine Febuary 1999

The Guardian, John Vidal, 8 August 1998

Art Monthly, Paul Usherwood, Martin, May 1998, No216

The Big Issue, Helen Sumpter, 9 - 15 March 1998 No274

Mute, Pauline van Mourik Broekman: Martin ,Issue 9 February 1998

Art Monthly, Padraig Timoney, Lovecraft, July - August 1997

Everything magazine, Four sightings, Artists pages, Volume 2 issue 1, summer 1997

The Times, Sacha Craddock, London Galleries, 1 July 1997

Time Out, Martin Herbert, 2-9 July 1997

Performance Research, Terence Mckenna, Weird Shit Happens, On Illusion, Dec 1996

Mute Magazine, Simon Cresswell, The Art of Deception, Winter/Spring ‘96, Issue 4

Fortean Times, Morgana Le Fake, Bob Rickard, No 84, Dec-Jan 1996

Time Out, Adrian Searle, 15-22 November, 1995

The Face Magazine, Andrew Smith, Corn Flakes, September 1995

Time Out, Fiona Morrow, 23-29 August 1995

iD Magazine, Tony Marcus, Alien Attack! June 1995

Everything Magazine, Steve Rushton, Art Articles on John Lundberg and Rod Dickinson, Issue 13, 1994

The Independent, Geraldine Norman, Alien Kidnap Tales Brought to Life, Febuary 1994

Time Out, Sarah Kent, Dummy Copy, 16-23 Febuary 1994

Time Out, David Lillington, Artificial Eden, 5-12 January 1994

Artpress, Richard Dyer, White Cubes and Cabinets, Issue no 184, October 1993

From Hell, Parts 1&2, Cabinet Gallery, September 1992

Infinity Focus Catalogue, Independent Art Space, London, February 1994

Hot Press, Fay Wolftree, November 1992

City Limits, Richard Dyer, 12-19, November 1992

Time Out, Adrian Searle, November 1992


The Institute of Psychoplasmics’, Edited by Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Exhibition catalogue

History Will Repeat Itself, Strategies of re-enactment in contemporary (media) art and performance, HMKV and KW, Germany 2007

Playback_Simulated Realities, Sabine Himmelsbach (ed), Edith Russ Haus for Media Art, 2007, pp56-62 & p135 & p128

The Air Loom and other Dangerous Influencing Machines’, Thomas Roeske (ed), Prinzhorn Collection, Heidelberg,

Germany, 2006

Prophets of deceit, Magali Arriola, California College of the Arts, 2006, p18 & pp32-34

Experience, Memory, Re-enactment, Steve Rushton, Anke Bangma and Florian Wurst (ed), Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, 2005 pp77-85 & pp85-99

Place, Art works series, Tacita Dean and Jeremy Millar (ed), Thames and Hudson, London, 2005

Art in the Age of Terrorism, Terrible Beauties, Bernadette Buckley pp10-34, London and the Centre for Advanced Scholarship in Art and Design, Southampton Solent University.

Life, Once More, Forms of Re-enactment in Contemporary Art, 2005, Sven Lutticken (ed), Rod Dickinson pp109-116, Witte de With, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences Volume 35,Issue 2, Pages 219-436 (June 2004) The Brain in a Vat, Edited by C. Gere and C. Gere

From Studio to Situation, 2004, Claire Doherty (ed), Rod Dickinson and Charlie Gere pp52-61, Black Dog Publishng, London

Cult Classic, 2004, Catalogue to accompany the 2004 exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces

Placebo, 2004, Catalogue to accompany the 1999 exhibition at Dominikanerkloster, Stadtakademie, Frankfurt, Germany, published by HOME ABROAD e.V.

The Milgram Re-enactment, 2003, edited by Steve Rushton, published by the Jan van Eyck Academie

”Hurts so good” 2003 Catalogue for CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania

“All You Need To Know” 2002 Exhibition Guide produced by the Laing Museum 2002

Apocalypse Culture II: The Jonestown Reenactment, Edited by Adam Parfey, US 2000

ufo strategiem, Catalogue for symposium at Edith Russ Haus for Media Art, Germany 2000

The Saatchi Gift to The Arts Council Collection, The South bank Centre/Arts Council Collection, 2000

art london, a guide to contemporary art spaces, Martin Croomer,ellipsis 1999

resolute, Platform Gallery, 1999

Hohere Wessen; Forum im Dominikanerkloster, Stadtakademie, Frankfurt, Germany 1999 ‘Gestalten im Korn’; text by Christiana Protto

The Saatchi Decade; Young British Art, 1999

Root; Chisenhale Gallery, (Commercial Too Gallery) 1998

Half-Lit World, John Roberts, Camerawork Gallery 1998

Shark Infested Waters, The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90’s, 1994, Text by Sarah Kent (4 Colour Plates pp.121-124)

Infinity Focus Catalogue, Independent Art Space, London, February 1994

From Hell, Parts 1&2, Cabinet Gallery, September 1992

Television and Radio

3RRR Radio, Melbourne, High & Low (visuals arts program) an interview with Richard Watts, 4 may 2004

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 10 minute interview on national radio arts programme ‘The Deep End’, 4 May 2004

ITV, The Web Review re Circlemakers, 12.20am Dec 1, 2002

Tyne Tees Television, News item and interview re the ‘Laing Museum show’, October 2002

Channel 4, ‘Richard and Judy show’, September 2002

Resonance Fm, Interview with Magz Hall, August 2002

BBC Choice, Interview with Rod Dickinson re Milgram Reenactment, JudgeJules: Spin Cities, 12 August 2002

History Channel, Interview with Rod Dickinson re Crop Circles, History versus Hollywood, August 2002

BBC Radio Scotland, Film review, The Brian Morton show, Feb 13 2002

BBC Radio Scotland, Interview with Rod Dickinson re Milgram Reenactment, The Brian Morton show, Feb 13 2002

HTV, Documentary and interview about Crop circles, Corn Artists, August 2001

Meridian TV, Cybercafe, 2 November 2000

SLAM, Ch 4, 14 October I.52am 2000

Sky TV, The Secrets of Deception, 9pm 14 August 2000

World Service, Interview with Rod Dickinson re: Crop Circles, 12 August 2000

BBC Regional radio stations, 8 Interviews with Rod Dickinson re: Crop Circles including; Birmingham, Coventry, Scotland… 12 August 2000

London live, Interview with Rod Dickinson re: Crop Circles, 12 August 2000

LBC, Interview with Phillip Dodd, Director: ICA re The Jonestown Reenactment, 16 May 2000

London live, Interview with Rod Dickinson re: The Jonestown Reenactment, 22 May Morning Show 2000

Religion today, The World Service, Interview with lead actor Graeme Edler re: The Jonestown Reenactment

Open Coumtry, Interview with Rod Dickinson and John Lundberg re: Crop Circles 7 May 7am 2000

Hessiches Fersehen, Rudolf Schmitz in Hauptsache Kultur, (radio) 17 Sept 1999

Channel 2, Hessicher Rundfunk, Kultur im Gesprach, (radio) 17 Sept 1999

Channel 1, Hessicher Rundfunk, Kirche und Welt, (radio) 12 Sept 1999

Radio X, frankfurt Germany, September 15, 6.30pm 1999

Channel 4, Croppies, September 18th, 3.50 am

Radio 4, The Sunday Programme, Sun June 20, 1999, 7am

NBC, USA, Unmasked, May 17 1998

6pm National news, New Zealand, NZ-1, 9 March 1998

Meridian TV, Cybercafe, 15 November 1997

Discovery Channel, Sky TV, Revelations, Dec 21 1995

Live TV (cable), Nightshift, September 1995

Canadian Network Television, The Fortean Experience, Forces Beyond Productions, 1995

BBC2, The late Show, 19 February 1994

November TV, Rod Dickinson; a portrait, Germany, 1993