The Jonestown Re-enactment
1234567About the Re-enactment
reliving the past... to survive the future

The Promised Land, took place at the ICA, upstairs in the Nash Rooms in the evening, of May 26, it was also be accompanied by a display of reconstructed documents and other related material.
The performance reconstructed one of Jim Jones's powerful anti capitalist sermons. It was based upon transcripts and tapes of Jones' sermons and monologues recorded at the time. The reenactment also reconstructed one of Jones' miracle healings or cancer healings.
Who was involved in the reenactment.
Notes on the Script:
Information on the sources, transcripts and audio we used.
An archive of photographs of the reenactment. Presented sequentially with commentary.
The Script:
Read the 45 minute script.
Background on The Sermons
Information on The Peoples Temple sermons and healing methodologies.
Theatricality and Representation; An outline of the use of drama and artifice as deployed by the Jones and his deputies.
Hear segments of the Reenactment:
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Reconstruction: healing
Graeme Edler in the healing reenactment with Jacqueline Ferrera and Jo Thorpe

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