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Graeme Edler: Profile

Photograh:Stuart Chorley

Graeme Edler is Portraying Jim Jones in The Jonestown Reenactment:
He can be seen in the film 'The Promised land' that is being screened at the CCA's 'The Tenth Level' exhibition in Glasgow (Feb-Mar 2002) where he will also be performing live in The Milgram Reenactment as Dr Stanley Milgram.
His career covers theatre , dance, tv and film in media production and live performance.   As an actor he has performed with the Old Vic Theatre Company (London seasons UK and Europe - mid East tours) and worked in repertory at the Liverpool Playhouse, The Belgrade Coventry, Cheltenham, Exeter and Stoke.
He appeared in the one man show After Penny which won The Scotsman's Edinburgh Fringe First award and his varied career includes working with the rogue luminaries: S'tomu Yamashta, Remy Charlip and Pip Simmons.

Reconstruction:Jim Jones, portryed by Graeme Edler
Graeme is a founder member of the Solaris Lakota Project which was established after numerous performance collaborations on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. The Project has worked with the International Workshop Festival in the UK and last year he was invited as Producer of 'Fulfilling the Vision' (PBSTV) to participate in the Barbican's Native Nations exhibition at the Museum of Mankind in London, which subsequently lead to further collaborations this year with the Educational Dept of The British Museum.
Recently he appeared as the ' rock god' Geoff Flame in Tracey Hitchen's comedy ' This Cookie May Contain Nuts', directed by Joyce Branagh at The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond. In spring 2002 he can be seen playing Lenny in the film 'The Haircut' by Hyena Films.
In the past he has interrogated and imprisoned Arthur Fowler in EastEnders (BBC TV) - been Jimmy Corkhills' Probation Officer and Mentor in Brookside (Channel 4 TV, UK) and appeared in Treasure Island, Morte d'Arthur, Alas Smith and Jones, Countdown to War, The Bill (all UK TV) and many other well known programs. Graeme's full CV
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