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Outlier Detection (2016)

Outlier Detection, 2016, Rod Dickinson

Live Data, 3D model, Video stream and museum artefact (Victorian Police Truncheon)


Outlier Detection is a computational artwork consisting of a 3D scan of a Victorian police truncheon, held in the collection of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM), in Exeter, UK.

The 3D model is animated by a stream of live data. Outlier Detection monitors and measures the frequency with which UK legislation is made on an hour-by-hour basis, in real time. The data is retrieved from and the artwork looks for Statutory Instrument bills, an increasingly controversial type of secondary legislation that is often not subject to a high degree of Parliamentary scrutiny..

The art work constantly seeks moments where the frequency of Statutory Instrument bills, is accelerated. When new laws are being made at an increasing rate. Over the last twenty years this type of legislation has become the bulk of laws passed by the UK government.

As it encounters varying frequencies of legislation Outlier Detection changes state. The more legislation that is made the more the 3D model begins to disintegrate and break apart.

Outlier Detection is on display in RAMM's galleries in Exeter, UK throughout 2016.

Further information can be found on the project web site:

Installation: Outlier Detection, RAMM, 2016



Statutory Instruments & linked data

Further information on the project web site: